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Blue Marble Geographics creates accurate, easy-to-use GIS software for academia, government, mining, oil and gas exploration, surveying, and many other industries. Wherever accurate geographical information is needed, you’ll find our software.

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The North American Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2022 is Replacing NAD83

NATREF2022 — the North American Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2022 — is going to be the new national reference, replacing NAD83. What does that mean for you? 

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User Stories

DroneMapper: Using Global Mapper for UAV Data Processing

Global Mapper allows DroneMapper to perform both internal UAV data processing as well as customer services on one powerful and easy-to-use platform.

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Behind the Scenes

Blue Marble Supports Scientific Research on Climate Change

Blue Marble supports scientists’ climate change research that is behind the development of international climate treaties such as the Paris Accord.

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