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Blue Marble Geographics creates accurate, easy-to-use GIS software for academia, government, mining, oil and gas exploration, surveying, and many other industries. Wherever accurate geographical information is needed, you’ll find our software.

Find out what makes us tick, our latest projects, musings, and insights, and how we enjoy what we do.

Behind the Scenes

Creating 3D Models like “Snowy” for Global Mapper’s Library

The point style options in Global Mapper range from trees to push pins, and more are being added as updates roll out. The process of building these 3D models is a multi-step process, full of creativity and limitations.

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Pixels-to-Points™: Easy Point Cloud Generation from Drone Images

Our South and Central American reseller Laurent Martin from EngeSat was quick to try the new Pixels-to-Points tool for himself using drone data collected by his peer Fabricio Pondian. The tool uses the principles of photogrammetry, generating high-density point clouds from overlapping images.

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Tips & Tricks Videos

Finding Obstructions Using Global Mapper’s Line of Sight and View Shed Tools

In this short tutorial, we walk you through how to use the Line of Sight and View Shed tools — processes for detecting obstructions either along a specified linear path or in multiple directions.

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