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Blue Marble Travels the World

Seldom does a week go by that we aren’t bidding one colleague bon voyage while welcoming another back into the fold. Read on >


User Stories

LiDARUSA Chooses Global Mapper

LiDARUSA employs a variety of airborne and terrestrial data collection and processing technologies to provide clients with accurate terrain models and volumetric measurements. The stream study project, which was spread across several non-contiguous areas in Western Tennessee, initially required the acquisition of a series of high-density point cloud datasets, each containing billions of points. This data was then processed to identify and reclassify ground points, which were filtered to create a high-resolution ground model. Read on >


The Myth of Free GIS – A Lesson from Nelson

GIS is, by its very nature, an investment in which the return on the initial and ongoing disbursement can be seen in many ways: increased productivity, improved efficiency, or in some cases, financial rewards from the sale of GIS derived products or services. Read on >