Blue Marble is Traveling to Conferences and Public Training Events Around the Globe

Blue Marble Geographics is a company of modest size but one that leaves a very large footprint. With customers and users throughout North America and in virtually every county in the world, the company’s technical and sales staff seem to be continually on the road. Seldom does a week go by that we aren’t bidding one colleague bon voyage while welcoming another back into the fold.

This photo contributed by Renier Balt shows new Certified Global Mapper Users at a public training in Mount Edgecombe, KZN, South Africa the first week of February 2017.

As a company that develops the foremost tools for creating visual representations of spatial data (maps, for the layperson) it seems only natural that we share our 2017 travel plans using this media. A cursory glance at the accompanying map reveals an obvious bias towards the Northeastern U.S., our home turf, so to speak, but it is also interesting that folks attending conferences in the Midwestern states have better-than-average chance of encountering a wandering Blue Marble staff member over the coming year.

Increasingly, our trips are taking us beyond these shores with Europe a frequent destination for 2017. As the popularity of the appropriately named Global Mapper continues to expand across the planet, look out for someone in a Blue Marble shirt at an event near you in the future.

For a frequently updated list of events Blue Marble is attending this year, click Here.

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