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This month, we tip our hats to the alternative energy sector. No longer a fringe business, wind, solar, and other sustainable and renewable energy production industries are now very much in the mainstream. In this issue we hear from Blue Marble President Patrick Cunningham on the company’s position on the science of climate change. We explore the use of Global Mapper in the wind farm development process. We uncover a component of Global Mapper that has proven to be invaluable for solar farm development; and as always, we give you a chance to win a copy of Global Mapper in the Where in the World Geo-Challenge.

Sun rising over Earth

  |  Blue Marble Supports Research on Climate Change

One of the most compelling and rewarding aspects of working at Blue Marble is the incredible diversity of customer stories we hear on a daily basis. On any given day, our sales and support teams might speak with agricultural technicians in Australia; climate researchers in Northern Canada; coastal geomorphology analysts in the Pacific Islands; or wind farm developers in Ireland. The common denominator among these and countless others in the Blue Marble community is that their work is founded on thorough scientific study. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the very nature of science is being systematically undermined in favor of overtly commercial interests. In a recent blog post, Patrick Cunningham, Blue Marble President shares some views on the subject.


Wind farm planning in Global Mapper

Blue Marble at Work
  |  Global Mapper for Wind Energy

More often than not, the most effective means of communication is visual so to that end, David McKittrick, Senior Applications Specialist at Blue Marble, recently recorded a short video in which he introduces several components of Global Mapper that are especially relevant for wind energy production. Using a series of simulated workflows, David’s video covers wind resource mapping; roughness analysis; ridgeline delineation; wind turbine placement; 3D turbine modeling; and much more.


Shaded south-facing slopes in Global Mapper

Did You Know?
 |  Global Mapper’s Slope Shader

Visualization and analysis of terrain data are some of the most important features of Global Mapper and the software includes several pre-configured shaders that can be used to clearly denote variation and patterns in elevation. Less well-known features, however, are a couple of shader options for rendering slope angle — a valuable tool for determining optimal sites for solar farm development. The Slope Shader applies colors to distinguish the steepness of the slope at any given location and the Slope Direction Shader indicates the bearing of the slope, which indicates areas with maximum sun exposure. Both of these options are available in the Shader drop-down list in Global Mapper’s toolbar.


Geographic Calculator Webinar

Webinars and Webcasts  |  Georeferencing in Geographic Calculator

August’s featured webcast focuses on the process of georeferencing in Geographic Calculator. Simply defined as the procedure for applying geographic intelligence to an image or other raster layer, the georeferencer is used to precisely place control marks and takes advantage of high order polynomial transformations to suit everything from a small scale scan of localized area out to large scale continent views. Blue Marble Webinars and Webcasts can be viewed at the Blue Marble YouTube Channel and on the Webinars page on the Blue Marble web site.


August geo-challenge

Where in the World? Geo-Challenge

The winner of July’s Where in the World Geo-Challenge is Steven Coombes. Steven’s name was drawn at random from those who correctly identified the five locations. To see how well you did, here are July’s answers. Want to test your geographic aptitude? Another copy of Global Mapper is up for grabs in August’s challenge. The answers to July’s challenge are here. This month, another five locations await your scrutiny with a copy of Global Mapper on the line.


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BMUC presentation

Events  |  Blue Marble User Conferences and More

Four down; two to go. So far in 2017, the Blue Marble User Conference (BMUC) has made stops in Calgary, the Washington DC area, Amsterdam, and San Diego. As we appraoach the last few months of the year, our attention turns to our home state of Maine and our final stop in Los Angeles. BMUC is an informal gathering of geospatial professionals representing a wide variety of industies who share a common interest in Blue Marble’s GIS and geodetic technology. Registration is now open for the final two events of 2017 and space is limited.

Upcoming Events

Visit with Blue Marble at the following events:

Geospatial PDF Working Group | Reston, VA | August 9

FOSS4G Annual International Gathering | Boston, MA | August 14 – 19

Kentucky GIS Conference  | Louisville, KY | September 5 – 7

GIS in the Rockies | Denver, CO | September 20 – 21

INTERGEO | Berlin, Germany | September 26 – 28

Blue Marble User Conference | Portland, ME | September 29

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