Blue Marble Monthly GIS Newsletter – January 2018

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Product News, User Stories, Events, and a Chance to Win a Copy of Global Mapper Every Month

2018 promises to be a memorable year for us here at Blue Marble. We have already mapped out our product development plans for the next 12 months; we are finalizing our travel schedule which will see us attend conferences and conduct training classes in many corners of the world; and perhaps most importantly, we look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary. Look out for announcements about some special events in the coming months.

To kick off the year, we begin a series of reseller spotlights by introducing our German partner, screen & paper GmbH; we share the latest installment of the Brief History of Global Mapper; we hear from our resident 3D artist about the process of adding 3D models to Global Mapper; and once again, we challenge your geographic aptitude in the Where in the World Geo-Challenge, with a copy of Global Mapper up for grabs.

Contours in Global Mapper

Reseller Spotlight | screen & paper GmbH

Blue Marble’s reseller and partner program is an essential ingredient of our overall business development strategy. Just last month, we introduced a new partner in Beijing whose familiarity with the GIS environment in mainland China will be an indispensable asset as we continue to expand our footprint in that part of the world. In recognition of the essential role played by our key business partners, we will be publishing a series of Reseller Spotlights, beginning this month with screen & paper, based in southern Germany.


Density map in Global Mapper

Projections | A Brief History of Global Mapper — Part II

The second installment of this gripping tale picks up where we left off last month. If you recall, Global Mapper had emerged from its infancy as dlgv32 and was beginning to establish itself as a credible GIS application in its own right as it approached adolescence. This month, we chronicle the functional highlights from version 6 in 2005 until Global Mapper became part of Blue Marble’s product suite in late 2011. During this time, many of the core components that we see in today’s releases were added to the software, including the 3D Viewer, access to online data, and watershed modeling.


3D model creation for Global Mapper

Product News | Creating 3D Models for Global Mapper

In case you weren’t aware, we live in a three-dimensional world, and we are seeing this increasingly reflected in the technology that we use. Nowhere is this more apparent that in the broad field of geospatial data management and display. As users of Global Mapper will acknowledge, 3D visualization and analysis are at the core of much of the software’s recent development initiatives, from LiDAR processing to terrain analysis. The use of 3D models is also gaining prominence as a means to visualize data in a more realistic perspective. To shed some light on the process of creating these 3D models, we hear from Blue Marble’s resident 3D artist and QA technician, Stephanie Martini.


File formats supported by Global Mapper

Did You Know? | File Format Support in Global Mapper

Prospective users of Global Mapper will often ask how it differs from the GIS software they are currently using. While cost and value are important considerations, interoperability is also a distinguishing characteristic. The count of unique data formats supported in the most recent release of Global Mapper has risen to over 300, which means it can work with virtually any data that you might be using, right out of the box. While there are some restrictions that limit either the importing or exporting of particular formats, no other GIS software comes close to Global Mapper with respect to interoperability.


Line of Sight tool in Global Mapper

Webinar & Webcasts | The Line of Sight & View Shed Tools

Don’t have time to watch one of Blue Marble’s full-length recorded webinars? Over the coming months, we will be creating a series of short videos focusing on specific functionality in Global Mapper. We begin with a concise introduction to the process of conducting a Line of Sight and View Shed analysis. These processes are variations on the theme of detecting obstructions either along a specified linear path or in multiple directions.


Where in the World Geo-Challenge

Where in the World Geo-Challenge

To the unnamed entrant whose response to the Capital City question in December’s Where in the World Geo-Challenge, was simply “Stumped”, such jovial creativity does not, unfortunately, put you in the running to win a copy of Global Mapper. Among those who correctly identified Reykjavik, along with the other four locations, was Kyle Sorenson of MWEC. Kyle will soon be receiving a copy of Global Mapper version 19. Check out the answers here.

This month, another copy of Global Mapper 19 is on the line. Click the link below and take a stab at all five of the geographic features. Good luck!

See complete terms and conditions here.


Blue Marble Geographic events

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