Blue Marble Monthly GIS Newsletter – February 2018

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Product News, User Stories, Events, and a Chance to Win a Copy of Global Mapper Every Month

As noted just last month, 2018 looks set to be a memorable year at Blue Marble. With the Pixels-to-Point™ tool creating palpable excitement in the UAV industry, our sales team is already hitting the road to show off this groundbreaking addition to the LiDAR Module. This week, we made it to the combined ILMF/ASPRS conference in Denver, kicking off a year of traveling across several continents to showcase this and other Global Mapper developments. Check out the events section below to find out when we will be coming to a city near you.

Also in this month’s newsletter, we conclude the Brief History of Global Mapper: we introduce our business partner in Brazil; we announce our Global Mapper training locations for 2018; and as always, we test your geographic aptitude with another round of the Where in the World Geo-Challenge.

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Product News | Global Mapper v19.1 Coming Soon

At the time of writing, Blue Marble software developers are finalizing the last few lines of code; the testing staff is preparing to give the product a green light; the documentation team is making sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed; and the folks in the sales department are preparing for the usual flurry of activity that comes hot on the heels of a product release. In just under a week, version 19.1 of Global Mapper will be available for download. Look out for a completely redesigned vector querying tool; more window docking options; a new tool for creating a 3D mesh in the Pixels-to-Points tool; and much more.


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Reseller Spotlight | Engesat in Brazil

While credit for Global Mapper’s expanding worldwide popularity is usually attributed to the evangelization efforts of our loyal and eager user community, regional business partners and resellers are becoming an increasingly important asset in Blue Marble’s business development strategy. In the latest Reseller Spotlight, we hear from Laurent Martin from EngeSat in Brazil as he shares some insight on how Global Mapper has helped him grow his business throughout Latin America.


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Projections | A Brief History of Global Mapper — Part III

In the third and (for the time being) final chapter of this gripping saga, we outline the developmental highlights of Global Mapper from 2011 to the present. When we left you last month, Global Mapper had just been acquired by Blue Marble Geographics, and thankfully, Mike Childs had been persuaded to come along as well. While there were those who saw this transition as a death knell for Global Mapper, the last seven years have provided emphatic proof that nothing could be further from the truth.


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Training | 2018 Global Mapper Training Locations Announced

In January of each year, the Blue Marble training team delivers a full three-day Global Mapper and LiDAR Module class to customers from our home state of Maine, along with a few others “from away”, to use a local term. This class gives us an opportunity to fine tune the curriculum before taking the show on the road throughout the rest of the year. Next up will be Adelaide, South Australia in April followed by stop in London in May. We then visit several cities throughout North America, including Seattle, Houston, and Orlando. Full details including registration information are available on the Blue Marble training site.


Batch Converter/Reprojector Tool

Did You Know? | The Batch Converter/Reprojector Tool

Last year, we surveyed Global Mapper users to find out how they are using the software and which features or functions they find most useful. Almost without exception, the respondents cited Global Mapper’s ability to convert between an ever-expanding list of supported geospatial file formats as one of the most important facets of the application. Did you know that the process of converting or reprojecting multiple files can be performed quickly and efficiently using Global Mapper’s embedded Batch Convert/Reproject tool? Tucked away in the File menu, this powerful application within an application, does exactly what its name suggests. Simply load up all of the source files, enter the required settings for the output files and sit back while Global Mapper’s conversion engine does all the hard work.


Pixels-to-Points TM tool in Global Mapper

Webinars | What’s New in Global Mapper v19.1

One of the best things about a Blue Marble product release is the fact that it provides us with a forum for speaking directly to our customers throughout the world in a live, interactive webinar. Later this month, we will be hosting an hour-long session introducing some of the highlights of the latest release of Global Mapper. Scheduled for 2:00 p.m. (Eastern US time) on February 27, this webinar will provide an opportunity to see the latest additions to Global Mapper and to ask questions of Blue Marble’s applications specialists. Registration is required and space is limited.

This and previous Blue Marble Webinars and Webcasts can be viewed at Blue Marble YouTube Channel and on the Webinars page on the Blue Marble web site.


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Where in the World Geo-Challenge

An increasingly vocal minority of Geo-Challenge entrants have expressed the opinion that the monthly challenge is not, well, challenging enough. So once again, we up the ante for this month’s contest. Before that, however, kudos must go to Bob Downie, Consultant Petroleum Geologist at Downie GeoScience for correctly identifying the five locations in January’s challenge. Bob will shortly be receiving a complimentary copy of Global Mapper. Click here to see how well you did.

This month, another copy of Global Mapper 19 is on the line. Click the link below and take a stab at all five of the geographic features. Good luck!


See complete terms and conditions here.

Blue Marble Geographic events

Upcoming Events

Visit with Blue Marble at the following events:

GeoSmart Asia ’18 & Locate ’18
Adelaide, Australia | April 9 – 11

American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting
New Orleans, LA | April 10 – 14

Commercial UAV Expo Europe
Amsterdam | April 10 – 12

GEOINT Symposium
Tampa, FL | April 22 – 25

Maine Municipal Association
Augusta, ME | April 27

Denver, CO | April 30 – May 3


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