Tees Please! – Blue Marble T-Shirt Line

In the fall of 2017, Blue Marble took the fashion world by storm, with the release of GIS themed T shirts. To our surprise we were not invited to New York’s Fashion Week … (but to be fair we didn’t know it was Fashion Week until 10 minutes ago). Nonetheless we are offended, in response we are going full buzzfeed by releasing a top five list of our best tee shirts.

1. Hipster Geographer

The “Later Mercator” shirt

2. The lesser known Fox series

“The X and Y Files: The Transformation is Out There” shirt

3. #humble

“The Notorious B.M.G” shirt

4. For those days when you can’t even

The “Shift Happens” shirt

5. For when you just want to Flatten the world

The “Flattening the world one projection at a time” shirt

Obviously the fashion elite are missing out on the wonder that is the Blue Marble Tee shirt line. You don’t have to be like them, because all of these and more are available right now!

Head to https://www.zazzle.com/bluemarblegeo and let us know your top five.

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