What’s New in Global Mapper 19.1

Here’s a recording of this hour-long presentation on What’s New in Global Mapper 19.1.

Among the capabilities that were showcased in this presentation are:

  • The redesigned and consolidated Attribute Editor which now includes the attribute joining and calculating tools
  • Multivariate or compound querying incorporating user-defined expressions and functions
  • Expanded drag-and-drop window docking
  • A new option to create 3D line features from one or more path profile views
  • Enhanced 3D Viewer navigation
  • The ability to create a 3D mesh, complete with photo-realistic textures in the LiDAR Module’s Pixels-to-Point tool
  • And much more

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  1. Hello
    Any opportunities for poor Cameroonian like me who cannot afford the expenses to attain your training programs.
    I am a forest guard with an obsession for Geo-spatial technologies

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