6 Replies to “A Beginner’s Guide to Geodesy – Coordinates, Datums, and Bearings, Oh My!”

  1. As the quality of the coordinates produced by GNSS devices are getting better and better, the data now often exceeds the standard mapping structures. To effectively use these new sources geodesy moves from an arcane topic to something that many folks need to understand. Thanks for this intro and for the value that the Geographic Calculator provides.

  2. I was unaware that the WGS84 datum is not a fixed reference system, but one that evolves with time. Thank you for this insight and for the tutorials that enable a GIS-naive user of Global Mapper to actually reach useful conclusions.

  3. Thanks Patrick – useful intro. with pictures!
    I’m curious if the licensed land surveyor mentioned under Number 9 – Metadata was given the opportunity to provide the metadata. We all make mistakes -even though the text file should have been provided.

  4. Tim, thanks for the comment. I may have been a bit harsh with my “unacceptable” comment but this issue is a concern we hear from our customers time and time again. We did reach out to them for the coordinate information and kind of tongue in cheek chided them on it. It was not a formal data delivery so that is how that issue occurred if that helps explain it.

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