Blue Marble Monthly: Point Cloud Processing, 3D Fly-Throughs, and Vector Extraction, oh my!

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The release of version 20 of Global Mapper is still generating a lot of buzz, and that is especially true of the new LiDAR Module tools. In this month’s newsletter, we take a moment to consider some of the highlights of this add-on to Global Mapper in a Top Five list. As the end of the year approaches, our focus now turns to Geographic Calculator 2019, which is currently in its beta testing phase. If everything goes according to plan, the release version should be available within a few weeks. Check your inbox for an official announcement. As a teaser, we preview some of the highlights of the Calculator release.

Also this month, we demonstrate how easy it is to create a 3D fly-through in Global Mapper, we revisit the software’s raster-to-vector capability using the new Color Picker tool, and as always, we offer a free copy of Global Mapper in the Where in the World Geo-Challenge.

PRODUCT NEWS  |  Top 5 Features of the LiDAR Module

It has been five years since the Global Mapper LiDAR Module was introduced. The first version offered some basic tools for streamlined LiDAR editing and filtering but more importantly, it provided a platform on which increasingly advanced point cloud processing capabilities would subsequently be added. In a recent blog post, we highlighted five of the most important LiDAR Module tools.


PROJECTIONS  |  Creating a 3D Fly-Through in Five Steps

Data visualization is a fundamental component of any functional GIS and in today’s geospatial world where 3D data has become the norm, 3D visualization is essential. Global Mapper’s fly-through capability provides a simple but powerful means to dynamically explore and examine the 3D environment and, as is typical with Global Mapper, it involves just a handful of steps. Five to be exact.


DID YOU KNOW | Vector Extraction from a Raster layer

Did you know that Global Mapper includes a tool for automatically vectorizing features from a raster layer? Thought not. While it doesn’t get the same attention as some of the other powerful analysis tools, it is, in its own right, an invaluable component of the software. With the introduction of the Color Picker tool in version 20, this vectorization capability has become even more straightforward. Check out this short video to see for yourself.


COMING SOON  |  Geographic Calculator 2019

While it is risky to introduce the highlights of a software release while it is still in development, we are confident the new functionality currently being beta tested in Geographic Calculator 2019 will be available in the final release in a few weeks. Among the most important upgrades are:

  • Optimized architecture for Windows 10 environment
  • A new capability to copy and paste blocks of data grid values into spreadsheets
  • Updated icons and graphics for jobs and tools
  • A new Angular Unit Converter tool
  • Updated Seismic Survey Conversion Job with enhanced P1/11 format support and additional SEG-Y format coordinate scalar handling
  • And much more

Look out for a release announcement in your inbox shortly.


Where in the World Geo-Challenge

You may have noticed that the Geo-Challenge questions have been getting steadily more difficult over recent months. This has not deterred an increasing number of you from proving your geographic prowess and correctly identifying all five locations. Among those who seemingly had no problems with October’s challenge was Ian Rath of Arcadis Australia Pacific. Ian will shortly be receiving a copy of Global Mapper for his efforts.

To find out how you did on last month’s challenge, check out the answers here.

If you’re up for another try, click the link below to test your geographic knowledge in the November edition. Good luck!


See complete terms and conditions here.

EVENTS  |  Upcoming Conferences

At the time of writing, two Blue Marble teams are on the road, spreading the word about our products in Indianapolis and Las Vegas. Next week we have a crew in London at The Commercial UAV Show and another in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Geomatics Atlantic Conference. If you’re going to either of these events, stop by and say hello.

As anticipated, the Orlando Global Mapper training class in December is full but you can add your name to a waiting list to see if a slot becomes available. Looking forward to 2019, we are in the process of finalizing the training calendar. No promises, but if you would like to see a training class in your neck of the woods, let us know by emailing

Where Blue Marble Will Be Next

Visit with Blue Marble at the following events:

Geomatics Atlantic
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | November 14 – 16

The Commercial UAV Show
London, UK | November 14 – 15

Orlando, FL | November 26 – 30

Global Mapper and LiDAR Module Training
Orlando, FL | December 4 – 6

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