Where in the World Geo-Challenge — October 2019

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Where in the World September 2019 Answers

How Well Did You Do?

Name the country – Senegal












Name the national park – Banff National Park












Name the island – St. Helena












Name the river – Ganges












Name the capital city – Bogotá


Webinar: What’s New in Global Mapper v21

The version 21 release of Global Mapper introduces an extensive list of new and updated functionality across all areas of the software, including the LiDAR Module.

In this hour-long presentation, we introduce the highlights including:

  • Integrated MangoMap publishing
  • A new version of Global Mapper Mobile
  • A major upgrade to feature label creating and editing
  • An ingenious tool for finding local peaks and depressions in a terrain layer
  • A new option to record a fly-mode or walk-mode path in the 3D Viewer as a 3D line feature
  • Improved layer template creation for form-based data collection
  • Layer animation allowing the display of a sequence of layers to visualize change over time
  • Significantly improved vector layer management

And for LiDAR Module users:

  • A new tool for identifying and reclassifying power poles from a point cloud
  • Numerous upgrades to the Pixels to Points tool
  • And much more