GeoTalks Express – Session 17 Questions & Answers

The seventeenth Blue Marble GeoTalks Express online webinar series entitled Map Publishing in Global Mapper, was conducted on October 28th, 2020. During the live session, numerous questions were submitted to the presenters. The following is a list of these questions and the answers provided by Blue Marble’s technical support team.


Please send a copy of this presentation, so much great info.

We are glad you enjoyed the live webinar and as a registered attendee you should receive an email in the next week with a link providing access to the recording of this presentation.

For those who were not registered for this webinar, please look here on our website to register for any future sessions and gain access to past GeoTalks Express recordings. 

For the mapbook numbering, will the page number be automatically updated when a couple pages in the middle are removed?

The page numbers in the Acadia National Park mapbook example were created using a macro from the page identifiers listed in the page list on the left of the layout editor window. These page names are generated by the tile naming set up when the mapbook is initially created. These do not need to be sequential numbers, they could be numeric or alphabetic identifiers for the rows/columns. 

When working on a mapbook, if you delete a page it will be removed from the index page. However, the following pages will not be renamed or renumbered because the page names are not automatically updated. You can right-click on a page in the page list and manually change the name. This will update the page name in the list, in any macros used, and the page name on this index page. 

If you are looking to only create a mapbook for specific portions of your data, I do recommend you create area features in the main view of Global Mapper describing the specific extents and then create a Feature MapBook.

Can you add a North Arrow?

Yes, you can add a North Arrow as a layout element to any map. This element can be added through the Insert menu, the right-click > Insert  option on the map page, or the Add Layout Element toolbar button. After adding the element you can resize and position it as with any other layout element. 

Can you zoom to print scale on the layout to see the legibility of texts when printing? 

Currently zooming to print scale in the Map Layout options is not an option. I have written ticket #GM-11532 on adding this zoom option to the Map Layout Editor as it would be quite helpful when fine tuning element sizes and positions. 

Can I set the scale in some fixed ratio? like 1:1000 etc.? Suppose, if I need to print a map in 1 in 1000 scale, how do I prepare the map?

When setting up the map layout you have options to select the page size and the bounds or scale. To set a specific scale for your printed map, select to set the scale for the layout to your desired scale value. When setting the scale to a specific value the bounds of the map will be determined by the page size you have set, but you can set the center point for the map to help determine what area of data will be displayed in the layout map for print. 

After generating the initial map layout, you can alter the scale and center point, or bounds for the data by right-clicking on the map element and choosing Properties. On the Map View tab you will see options to alter the scale or bounds for the data in the layout. 

​Can you do a small map index, example showing a map of the entire USA? ​can you have two different maps in one page? For example showing where in reference this park is in the entire USA?

Currently you can only have one map view element per layout in the Map Layout Editor. We do have an open ticket, #GM-8481, on adding the ability to add multiple views including inset/overview maps. I have noted on this ticket that you are requesting this improvement as well. 

In the meantime the workaround to add an overview map to a layout would be to save an overview or larger data view as an image and add it as an image element to the layout. Although this work around will not allow you to add any scale bar or data specific elements to your overview map, it would allow you to show the entire US, or larger area, with a feature, area or point, denoting where the feature of interest is located. 

Can you insert grid ticks (i.e. small crosses at the intersections of E and N on the map)?

Currently the Map Layout Editor in Global Mapper does not have the option to add tick marks at the grid intersections on the map view element. I have written ticket #GM-11533 on adding the option to add lines or tick marks on the map view in the map layout editor. 

The labels of my grid frame overlap at the corners of the map (lats overwrite longs). Can I prevent them from over-writing?

To avoid overlap between grid frame labels try adjusting the orientation, position, and font size of the tick mark labels. This can all be done from the Grid Frame tab of the Map View Element Properties.  

Can we use a double grid frame to show both Lat/Long and Projected coordinate systems?

In the Map Layout Editor you can only select one grid frame for the map view element. If you would like to add grid lines across your data view you can enable those in the main view of Global Mapper through Configuration > Display Options > Grid. The grid added here will display on the data in the layout view. The grid set through the main Configuration dialog can be different from the one set though the map view element properties in the layout. 

I have written ticket #GM-11534 to add the option for a double grid frame (Lat/Lon and Projected coordinates) to be added to the map view element through the Map Layout Editor. 

For pages index, if I have a row tile, can the map rotate on a specified angle or ready from field value?

Map rotation is set for the dataset in the main view of Global Mapper. ​You cannot rotate the map view in the map view element for a single page map or for specific pages of a map view. 

I have written ticket #GM-11535 on adding an option to rotate data within map frame elements, specifically rotating the data for individual mapbook pages. 

​Does Global Mapper have labels or map element guidelines based on cartographic practices? For example, text inside of the map is often 0.07-0.08 times the plotted scale.​

Global Mapper does not have options to scale labels and other layout element text relative to the plotted map scale. Layout element text, like in text elements and the scale bar, can be set as a specific font size only. ​

Labels for features in your map are set through the layer options in the main view of Global Mapper. These labels can be set to a specific font size or the font can be set to a fixed height in meters. You can use this second option to tie your label size to the data as it is displayed at a specific scale in your map layout.

Is laying out labels on a curvilinear path a future possibility?

I have written ticket #GM-11536 on adding options for curving label features to better align with curved features. Our development team will look into this request.

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