Terrain Layer Support in Global Mapper Mobile v2.1

Written by Jeff Hatzel

One of the many new features in Global Mapper Mobile v2.1 is support for terrain layers, which introduces a variety of new functions and settings within the app. These new tools add to an already robust feature set that help to extend  the reach of your GIS. While much of this functionality is available in the free version of the app, some more advanced options are part of the optional Pro Module. 

Features available in the base version of the app:

Prior to the release of Global Mapper Mobile v2.1, a terrain layer exported from the desktop version Global Mapper was handled as a simple raster layer, without any elevation information.  The new functionality recognizes terrain layers and their respective elevation information and metadata.

All terrain layers will be rendered using the Atlas Shader, one of the default shaders in the desktop version of the application. Users can also control whether hill shading is enabled via a new setting found in the Configuration settings in the mobile app. 

Terrain data is displayed using the Atlas shader, with shading enabled by default (left). A setting found in Configuration allows users to disable hill shading if necessary (right).

Navigating to the Control Center within Global Mapper Mobile will feel familiar to users who work with the desktop software. The layer’s elevation range, units, and other related information are now available when viewing the metadata for a terrain layer. This provides a useful reference for users when in the field, providing situational awareness in relation to their data and surroundings.

Terrain layer metadata now shows relevant elevation information associated with the layer, including elevation range, units, and other pertinent information

The addition of terrain layer support to Global Mapper Mobile v2.1 also helps to expand location information by providing elevation information at a specific location. Enabling either Crosshair or GPS and Crosshair location mode will report the elevation values of the terrain at the crosshair location. This displays specific elevation information for a given location from a source other than the device’s location services.

The elevation value of a given location can be viewed when using a crosshair-based location option. As you pan and zoom on the map, the elevation value will update based on the loaded terrain layer.

Advanced options in the Pro Module:

Navigating to the new Shader Options section within Configuration provides Global Mapper Mobile Pro users more options to customize the terrain data. The Shader Name option allows access to any of the terrain shaders that are built into the desktop version of the software.

Users who need to simulate water level on their terrain data will find the Display Water Level settings beneficial to their workflows. Whether modeling water level rise or trying to understand what changes in water level will look like on the landscape, users can control when this is enabled, and at what elevation water is displayed.

Terrain layer support is just one of the many new features in Global Mapper v2.1. If you’re interested in exploring the app further, visit Global Mapper Mobile v2.1 for details. The app is also a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What’s new in Global Mapper Mobile version 2.1

Written by: Cíntia Miranda, Director of Marketing

If you don’t have Global Mapper Mobile® on your phone or tablet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to expand the reach of your GIS operations – for free!  Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful iOS and Android application for viewing and collecting GIS data.  It utilizes the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects. The mobile application provides maps-in-hand functionality for engineers, surveyors, wildlife managers, foresters, and anyone whose job requires access to spatial data in remote locations.

A complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper®, the mobile edition can display all of the supported vector, raster, and elevation data formats and offers a powerful and efficient data collection tool. The 2.1 release includes several new enhancements including:

  • Vector feature styling improvements with an increase in the number of built-in supported vector styles and expanded support for custom symbols. Feature styles can now be previewed when creating or editing a feature as well.
  • Terrain layers are now rendered with hill shading and a default color shader and elevation values can be viewed from elevation layers at a specific location. 
In addition to being able to render terrain data with hills shading and a terrain shader, the app will now display the terrain layer’s elevation value when in crosshair location mode.
  • A new option to set the layer transparency for raster and terrain layers. This latest release also features an improved color picker and support for Dark Mode.
The new Shortcut Bar (upper left) allows for quick access to Advanced GPS functionality and zooming/panning tools

For advanced field mapping applications, a Pro version of Global Mapper Mobile is available for only $50. Version 2.1 of Global Mapper Mobile Pro includes all of the capabilities of the free version and it also offers:

  • Advanced GPS support allowing users to connect to external high accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices, from vendors such as the Bad Elf and Juniper. This functionality allows users to access detailed information from these devices including the ability to view satellites, detailed location information, and even view/record the NMEA stream.  
Once an external GPS device is connected to the app, the Advanced GPS functionality allows the user to view detailed location information and check on a satellite connection, along with viewing and saving the NMEA stream.
  • A new configuration option that allows Pro users to select and change the terrain shader directly within the application.
  • Water display enablement to render the simulated water level over the loaded terrain data at a given elevation to visualize potential flooding.

If you’re already using Global Mapper Mobile, update to version 2.1 now!  If you haven’t tried it yet, download the app today and expand the reach of your GIS operations.


Try Global Mapper Mobile v.2.1 today!

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Our 25th Summer: Blue Marble Clothing Tips

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*This article was written by a millennial.

Rachael Landry

Rachael Landry is one of Blue Marble’s license gurus on the official Sales Support team. She is one of the people you are most likely to work with when you call or email our office, and she is always ready to answer your questions.
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